• December 14, 2017

Glacier National Park Provides Update on Rogers Pass

Glacier National Park Provides Update on Rogers Pass

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On December 11, 2017, Glacier National Park provided the following update:

What’s happening?

Significant highway and infrastructure improvement projects are currently underway in Rogers Pass National Historic Site in Glacier National Park.

Parks Canada has also assessed the condition of the Glacier Park Lodge and service station facilities, formally Parks Canada’s responsibility since October 2016. Assessments confirmed that the facilities are in an advanced state of deterioration, and found significant levels of contamination both in the buildings and in the ground. Parks Canada is moving forward on a plan to remove the buildings and remediate the sites. Removal of the gas station will begin in the coming months.

Parks Canada is starting to plan for the future of the Rogers Pass area, in order to meet the needs of park visitors and through-travelers, improve motorist safety, and address environmental concerns. We are seeking input from visitors, stakeholders and the public, for consideration during the planning process.

How does this affect you?

Have your say about the future of the Rogers Pass area. Parks Canada values your input and is interested in your vision for this special place. Visit pc.gc.ca/RogersPassFuture to find out more or drop by the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre.


Parks Canada manages one of the finest and most extensive systems of protected natural and cultural heritage areas in the world, and Rogers Pass is among these treasures. The area around Rogers Pass was the final link in the railway that brought Canada together as a nation. It remains an integral part of Canada’s national transportation corridor, maintaining a section of both the railway and the Trans-Canada Highway through this high mountain pass, and offers access to world class hiking, backcountry skiing and breathtaking scenery for any traveler.

Through Parks Canada’s unprecedented investments in infrastructure work in national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas, important upgrades are under way along the Trans-Canada Highway in Rogers Pass including:

  • Investments to improve road reliability and motorist safety
  • Installation of new avalanche mitigation technology and upgrades to existing avalanche defense infrastructure
  • Installation of new highway culverts to restore aquatic connectivity
  • Sewer and storm water system upgrades to support current and future facilities in Rogers Pass
  • Construction of a new public washroom facility on the service station site
  • Visitor facility improvements at day use areas along the Trans-Canada Highway
  • Upgrades to key trail networks in both Mount Revelstoke and Glacier national parks

For further information, please contact:

Mount Revelstoke National Park  250-837-7500


For media inquiries:

Shelley Bird, Communications 780-883-0297


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