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Join our community of backcountry skiers and snowboarders working to restore lodging in Rogers Pass, BC. Our mission is to improve backcountry safety and access by engaging with Parks Canada to find accommodation solutions for Glacier National Park.

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Whether you support or oppose lodging redevelopment in Rogers Pass, ensure your voice is heard. Complete this 3 – 5 minute survey to have your say.

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Sign the petition urging Parks Canada to redevelop lodging at Rogers Pass. This would provide a hub for backcountry education, avalanche awareness, and awareness of Glacier National Park’s Winter Permit and Access System. In turn, this would enhance safety, increase compliance with the Parks’ Winter Permit system, and ultimately protect winter backcountry access for years to come.

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Our Vision

Environmentally sustainable lodging in Rogers Pass, aesthetically aligned to the surroundings, serving both backcountry users and park visitors.